How to Draw the Joker

How to Draw the Joker

The Joker – most amazing villain in the Batman series. The actor starred in “The Dark Night” just made the Joker one-million times better as a villain. I have been browsing the web and happened to stumble upon two great tutorials. One is a video and one is an actual tutorial. The “Actual” tutorial was drawn by a fine artist on a pop culture website, Finalprodigy. You can find the full tutorial here: how to draw the Joke from the Dark Knight. To those that don not like leaving their current visited site to view another site, just continue on with this article. I will show the tutorials found and the one from Dragoart was all put together using Photoshop. Let us first begin with the drawing video to make the Dragoart version a bit more easy. The version from Finalprodigy is quite advanced, so if you are having a hard time following along, then I would advise you to visit a simple tutorial version from Dragoart drawn by Dawn, one of the famous online artist, here: how to draw the Joker. Hope things turn out well and you finish drawing your Joker properly. Enjoy the shared tutorials and hope you enjoy!

Hoped you have finished watching the video, because the most advanced Joker is just around this paragraph. Remember what I have said before the video, if you are having a hard time, try using the second link that I have shared in this article. Good luck!

How to Draw the Joker from the Dark Knight

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